Fragrance List

Critical Role

BeauregardMighty Nein
Valerian blossoms, lemongrass, sandalwood, and jasmine for sweet Cobalt Soul incense with a bite: you too can punch some jerk in face while demanding he appreciate your inner peace.
CaduceusMighty Nein
Rich green and black teas, grave-grown mushrooms, carefully-tended lilies, and sweet honeyed lichen.
CalebMighty Nein
Charred wood and spellbooks with smoke and fire overlaying the rich notes of oakwood, black tea and salt air for a wizard’s meditation.
FearneBelles Hells
Capricious carnations and impetuous orchids top a blazing, crackling bonfire in the center of a decadent fae wood.
FjordMighty Nein
Sea breezes, Deep Ones, sea grass, midnight rain, and nightmares of giant eyes and tentacles.
Fresh Cut GrassBells Hells
A Faithful Care-Giver is freshly cut grass, naturally, with the undertones of Aeormoton steel and an arcane power sparkle; also, rosemary for healing and thoughtfulness, and some mint for a sweet disposition.
GilmoreVox Machina
Bright, sparkling magic in plumeria, sandalwood, and patchouli; bay rum and freshly-roasted coffee in a Markesian emigre’s Glorious Goodness.
GrogVox Machina
Strongjaw ale, barbarian leather, peppered steel, and peanut butter. Seriously. You have to have peanut butter. It’s a food group all on its own!
ImogenBells Hells
A sparkly magical horse girl pops with cotton candy, barley grass, and mown hay topped with sweet fragrant lavender and underlain with the ominous heart of an arcane thunderstorm.
JesterMighty Nein
A candy-coated spiritual weapon in vanilla beans, butter rum, buttercream, burnt sugar, honey, and just a touch of tarted sage.
KeylethVox Machina
All the elements of the Ashari Aramente: fresh earth, rainwater, dead leaves, woodland explorations, smoke, and juniper berries steeped with cassia bark.
LaudnaBells Hells
To blend a perky goth, take rosemary and forget-me-nots for rememberance, smoky frankincense, verbena, and rich resinous oud for the dead, and top it with some lemon and allspice for the happy sunshine of knowing the worst is past.
MollymaukMighty Nein
Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and poor life decisions. A musky base overlaid with amber, artemesia, pachouli, and bloodhunter copper and steel.
NottMighty Nein
The metallic tang of old coins underneath glazed, cracked porcelain is wrapped up with super, super cheap rotgut whisky for everyone’s favorite Just A Little Halfling Girl. YOU CAN RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE
PercyVox Machina
Deep, expansive musk, bourbon, and bergamot for a rich nerd; gunpowder and steel for the gunslinger’s vengeance; a touch of sweet snowfall for Whitestone’s clockmaker at Winter’s Crest.
PikeVox Machina
Balsam fir and cedarwood for Sarenrae’s brightness of worship mixed with clover honey and brown sugar of the Slayer’s Cake.
Pumat SolMighty Nein
New leather and magicked steel of the Enchanter’s trade with the lavender possets and black ice incense of the Invulnerable Vagrant.
ScanlanVox Machina
Homey warmth in teakwood and tonka bean gets hidden under a fancy facade of red wine, whiskey, and sweet aldehydes.
TaryonVox Machina
The Gentleman’s Pampering Kit contains oakmoss, vetiver, bergamot, and bay rum, then is mixed with Doty’s artificery steam and engine grease.
Vax’ildanVox Machina
The Raven Queen’s champion carries musky leathers, the tanned mahogany and steel of Vestige daggers, funerary neroli, and earthy, peppery rain.
VethMighty Nein
Smoked pears, bright sunflowers, a redwood crossbow stock, and the Srs Mom Vigilance of toasted vanilla and flashbangs because she's not mad, just Disappointed.
Vex’ahliaVox Machina
Black oak and cedar for the Ranger’s Vestige bow, dragon’s blood for her prey, wisteria and ivy for dreams of home, and a touch of sweet honey for Trinket.
YashaMighty Nein
Thunderstorms, pressed flowers, and a two-handed sword: petrichor, tulips, gardenia, apple blossoms, and blooded steel.
ZahraVox Machina
A red tiefling’s warlock pact: moonflower, brimstone, and night-blooming jasmine.

D&D Alignments

Lawful Goodmeans you are so so sorry and will absolutely pay for that.
Warm homey orderly kitchen in rich vanilla and amber, fresh-baked buttered bread, oatmeal and honey cookies.
Neutral Goodmeans never having to say you’re sorry.
Tea; Earl Grey; Hot. Sweetgrass and lavender with relaxing chamomile. Easygoing, down-to-earth vetiver and bergamot.
Chaotic Goodmeans you’re sorry, but you have to run.
A blast of gleaming, sparkling, straight-up in-your-face citrus, with bright yuzu and orange blossoms woven with lemongrass and just a hint of prickly blackberries.
Lawful Neutralmeans you’re sorry, but those are the rules.
Unyielding steel-bound oak, birchbark, and polished teakwood with twining honeysuckle anchored fast in damp earthy clay.
True Neutralmeans you’re sorry, ...sometimes. Maybe.
Sandalwood and dried leaves, green growing things, life and earth and balance in grass flowers and basil.
Chaotic Neutralmeans you are absolutely not in any way sorry.
Cinnamon and sugar, deep rich heady musks, caramel, buttercream, taffy, buttered rum: sex and candy.
Lawful Evilmeans you’re sorry but you’d like to speak to the manager.
Super-piney Pacific Northwest ultra-hoppy hipster beer, One Black Coffee, opportunistic sunflowers, hops and barley.
Neutral Evilmeans you’re sorry but you have better things to do.
Gloriously deep and rich hedonistic vices: bourbon-soaked cherries, cashmere shawls, night-blooming jasmine in rosewood vases.
Chaotic Evilmeans not only are you not sorry, but you have a good laugh anytime anyone around you feels anything like sorry.
Ultra-dark and bitter chocolate, blood-red wine, black licorice, brimstone-toasted cardamom.

Dragon Age

Brown warden leathers, cut roses, and the clean fresh notes of bergamot.
For everyone's favorite revolutionary hippie holistic health practitioner you will find here a fine blend of rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, and the healthful benefits of calendula with just a tiny touch of catmint for Ser Pounce-a-lot.
Old Spice AND LIAR with the fresh hay of the Skyhold stables, bay rum, cut wood, and silverite swords.
A royal necromantic family’s calla lilies blended with the Seeker’s armor polish and the green papery note of smutty romance novels.
Elderflower and oakmoss for your fancy hair pomade and a little touch of Fereldan caramel for the sweet scents of home.
Saucily drinking wine in an old library with black pepper, dragon leathers, and teakwood bookshelves.
Red wine, brandy casks, and oxidized steel for when you spend seven years angsting alone in an abandoned mansion.
Iron Bull
How better to use one’s black market mercenary connections than to have hot chocolate with marshmallows delivered to the ass-end of nowhere, blended with the orange peel and clove of Sehereon’s best horn balm.
The pirate queen is a blend of shipwright cedar planks, well-aged rum, and a fine sea breeze carrying just a hint of Antivan citrus.
Candle wax and wet ink from the diplomat’s everpresent clipboard; carnations and pomegranate blossoms for a homey touch of Antiva.
A spy’s poisons in the sweet scents of almond, ginger, and nutmeg, with a touch of hibiscus to stand in for Andraste’s Grace.
Unapologetic blood magic comes out in dragon’s blood, resinous amber, and a touch of copper mixed with the eager sweetness of wildflowers in baby’s breath, lavender, and peonies.
The Witch of the Wilds is a heavy, seductive floral in jasmine, shapeshifting orchids, and lemon verbena.
Andraste’s devotion in sweet church incense with the oak, leather, and resin of a longbow specialist.
The cackling morale-boosting laugh of a lemon meringue pie to the face with a touch of cinnamon and honey from your very best JAR OF BEES.
Dirty apostate hobo talking a constitutional in the woods with oak, basil, sage, AND BETRAYAL.
A storyteller's set stage: crackling fire, rich oak tables, excellent beer, fine whiskey, and ink-dipped quills.
An Antivan Crow through and through with the sharp steel of an assassin’s daggers, sweet leather from heirloom gloves, and strong fresh-brewed coffee.


Herbs for memory in silver needle tea and lemonflower with clean lavender florals of lilac, freesia, and violets.
Warm, toasted spices for deep-burning internal flame in cinnamon, hickory, hazelnuts, and peppercorns.
Swirling frosts and biting cold blended with holly berries and just a tiny hint of fresh peppermint.
Ozone, ginger ale, and champagne bubbles for static sparks and effervescent crackles.
The depths of a living forest floor in fern, celery, tomato leaf, damp earthy moss, and tea olive.
Sweet sugars and bright fairy sparkles in buttercream and cotton candy blended with tangling honeysuckle and climbing ivy.
Rich, dark, night-based gothic spiced plums, smoked oudwood, blackcurrant, and cloves.
Fresh, clean, fast-flowing water fed with spring rains in clover, cucumber, and watercress with just a touch of spearmint.

Final Fantasy VII

Sweet hothouse flowers in orchid, narcissus, and lily arranged in a cut-glass vase with baby's breath and the sharp sudden sweetness of sugared clove.
A gruff, revolutionary fighter demeanor in gunpowder and motor oil cut with fierce leather and steel overlaying warm, rich resiny vanilla and hazelnut wrapped around a tonka core. Bullets and hugs: Overprotective Dad will save the world OR ELSE.
Rich, deep earthtoned resins in dragon's blood and amber; sharp green, growing herbal neroli and vetiver blending with the cut citrus knife of bergamot in a cedar forest.
Smoldering embers of sugared grasses on an open plain left behind after a lightning strike cut with the sharp bite of ginger.
Ozone and sharp minted sage swirled with camphor and lemongrass for the wild currents of a corrupted Lifestream.
Candied almonds soaked in rum and whisky; a long, leather-trimmed well-worn oaken bar top; throwing back a pint of beer before roundhouse kicking some Shinra jerk with a faceful of sharp ginger and tricolor peppercorns.

Mass Effect

Antique leather-bound books, fruity cocktails with the little paper umbrellas that knock you on your ass, and armor polish.
A blend of sharp sniper’s gunpowder with the clarity of vision provided by lemongrass and a touch of musky vanilla to ensure everything’s perfectly calibrated.
Dark amber for Angara musk mixed with fresh cantaloupe for Aya melons and the bright scent of lilac in Havarl greenery all overlaid with just a touch of sexy, sexy waterfall.
Sharp, fresh yuzu and spiky cactus flower blended with bitters for feminine poetry with a bite.
Sweet ginger tea for treating biotic migraines.
Cold ozone for the vacuum of a hulking abandoned shipwreck, sharp crackling plasma bolts, reinforced steel carapaces, and a little dash of benzoin swirled with vetiver because this unit absolutely has a soul.
Movie night with the crew after a hardcore mission: gunpowder covered with buttered popcorn and hoppy hipster beer.
The elegance of green tea blended with the wet earth and crumbled rock notes of archaeology with a side order of infinite galactic surveillance.
Stylized genetic perfection in white tea, Asian pear, and a touch of fresh-cut lilies with badass biotics in a blend of black currant and coconut.
Peacefully meditative seashells and warm ocean breezes stirred up in the lightning strikes and scorched earth of MAD SCIENCE.
Rich, peaty scotch whiskey from a flashy heist with a swirl of cured tobacco leaves.
Perfect for the Quarian on Pilgrimage, the peppermint and ginseng of purified suit air with a touch of hot engine grease.
Everything you need for good respiratory health: echinacea, sweet fennel, warm honey, and eucalyptus. (I’M SORRY)
The easy, effortless competence of warm vanilla and sandalwood with a touch of Turian amber and some soothing chamomile because relax, Ryder, she's got this.

One Piece

Devil Fruits in sugary, too-sweet blackberry, cranberry, peach, and cataloupe caught on the sea breeze in a pirate’s sails.
First the blast of tangerine blossoms and ripe, juicy fruits (sorry Nami), then the heart notes of a midnight mapmaker’s inks and paper on a rainy sea.
Rich gourmand spices of the Pirate Master Chef: sharp clove, cardamom, and ginger blending with sweeter allspice and nutmeg over an almond heart with bright green aquatic tomato leaf as the perfect garnish.
Walnut and resined cord slingshots through the sea air blended with warm dragon's blood resin for loyalty and cactus blossoms for enthusiasm and imagination.
Fiercely traditional florals in cherry blossoms and white lotus bloom out of a mossy seascape while a master swordsman polishes the tools of his trade on the pitching decks.


AceBeyond Series
Rum, burnt sugar, and absinthe give a hint of oil paints to stretched canvas and tattoo ink; sexy swagger in rich musk is balanced with a sweet wisteria for his sensitive artistic side.
AnaGideon’s Riders
Hyacinth and cardamom blend sweet and spicy with badassery in motorcycle leathers.
Goddess magic in sweet violet and tuberose cut with rich, unyielding oud and walnut.
AshwinGideon’s Riders
Makhai gunpowder and steel flash to the surface, then fade away into belonging and brotherhood with fresh-baked spice bread and warm mahogany.
Main notes of eucalyptus and lily blended to smoothness with vanilla, saffron, and lavender.
CruzBeyond Series
Resinous dragon’s blood coats gunpowder and steel, then is blended with red maple and dried birch for the solid safety of home.
DallasBeyond Series
Vanilla beans and oak-barrelled whisky form the central core of the O’Kanes, with leather and steel binding them together over just a hint of earthy farmland from the distant, hazy past.
DaniMercenary Librarians
Sexy, sexy murder: rich, heavy, resinous musks carrying a mixture of bright coriander, ginger, and peppercorns cut through with gunpowder and super-sharp knives.
GideonGideon’s Riders
The God-King of Sector One is a balanced blend of contradictions: francincense and saffron for the faith of his people; rich musk and bergamot for the man he never has time to be.
GrayMercenary Librarians
Heavy and thick molasses sweetness cut with fine cured tobacco, oak-tempered bourbon, and musky vanilla resins punctuated with a sharp crack of gunsmoke.
Hannah RosensteinCarrigan's
Powdery and sweetly old-fashioned, this rose-forward lavender floral with just a hint of sweet lemon gives Vampire Grandma vibes (and Levi is digging it).
JaredBeyond Series
Carefully cultivated to present only the FANCY DUDE he wants you to see: sandalwood and vetiver swirl with red wine over warmer base notes of oakmoss, teakwood, and bergamot.
KnoxMercenary Librarians
Homey resinous sweetness coating the bright citrus flares of do-gooder heroism in a vanilla-cream topping on a key lime pie.
KoraGideon’s Riders
Genuine goodness in sweet and heady florals of magnolia and frangipani with effortless healing in linen bandages and rosemary.
Levi (Blue) MatthewsCarrigan's
A hipster chef gourmand built on a sweet vanilla cream heart topped with fig, tomato, and orange blossom shot through with sharp anise and black pepper.
LexBeyond Series
Orchids blend with oak-aged bourbon and sweet almond to build a warm base cut through with bitter cherries and sassafras: an unapologetically feminine mix that will also cut you if you fuck with it just one more time.
LiliBeyond Series
Champagne and roses twined with brambles and crumbling winter leaves under a layer of fierce, piercing ice.
MaricelaGideon’s Riders
A pretty pretty princess in tatted lace, fresh raspberries, sweet vanilla, birds of paradise, and warm chamomile.
MayaMercenary Librarians
Technological brilliance in airy, floaty ozone and petrichor melded with sweet sugared street-market caramel apples.
Miriam BlumCarrigan's
A cup of thick black coffee -- and then another -- and then another -- with the sharp astringent notes of an artist at work.
NessaBeyond Series
So much whisky, fancy fancy whisky; sweet bourbon mash, aged oak barrels, and smoked peat brings out hints of jasmine, fir, and the herbal notes of green tea perfectly balanced by a distillery genius.
NinaMercenary Librarians
A veritable salad of rare fresh fruits, fresh-printed books with laser toner, and the broad shielding strength of deep resins and oak.
NoelleBeyond Series
Sweet cream, butter rum and clover honey are just a hair this side of too sweet; bunches of flowers in lilac, violet, and tuberose grow unashamedly wild and bright.
Noelle NorthwoodCarrigan's
Snowy fields of evergreens with warm amber and the hug of a butch lumberjack flannel.
RachelBeyond Series
Climbing vines in English ivy and honeysuckle are mixed with fresh-brewed amber ale and just a touch of the mechanic’s motor oil.
Easy-going surfer beachy breeze and coconut vibes with sharp immortal gifts in lightning-struck cinnamon and allspice.
Sharp smoky goodness in brown sugar, hickory, peppercorns, and bright green tomato leaf for a sweet demonic barbecue.
SixBeyond Series
Guns, leather, and knives; prickly cactus flower, black pepper, and bitters; Six is a lot of things, most of them violent—but also strong and protective, harmonious in their sharpness. She’s so good. I love her SO MUCH.
Bergamot and amber in a traditional sandalwood musk with brief bright vetiver top notes.
TrixBeyond Series
Inspired by an actual perfume invented for cancan dancers during La Belle Époque, because I am the biggest nerd. A heady sandalwood base with orange blossoms, violets, and sensous jasmine all blended with O’Kane whiskey.
ZekeGideon’s Riders
Donuts and guns: spicy buttercream, rich, yeasty dough, sugared sprinkles, and gunpowder.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Sailor JupiterOak Evolution
Fresh-cut roses, humid summer lightning, honeysuckle, and oak leaves.
Sailor MarsFlame Sniper
Sakura petals falling on a Shinto shrine with smoky sandalwood and agarwood incense over crackling flames.
Sailor MercuryAqua Rhapsody
Rain-soaked waterlilies, sharp ice, and fresh snow.
Sailor MoonCrystal Power Kiss
Silvery moonflowers and sweet magnolia mixed with sugared buttercream and candied lotus.
Sailor NeptuneDeep Submerge
Roiling tides of seawater with violin rosin and a touch of elegant jasmine.
Sailor PlutoDead Scream
Decadent neroli and narcissus, dried leaves and branches, spearmint-soaked rosemary, and a hint of pomegranate.
Sailor SaturnSilence Glaive Surprise
Delicate violets and twining ivy with a bright burst of carnation and fresh-scythed hay.
Sailor UranusWorld Shaking
Fast cars, high winds, smooth leather, and an explosive deep earth tremor in mahogany and amber.
Sailor VenusLove and Beauty Shock
Bright summer idol-flowers of heliotrope, sunflower, and blooming tulips dipped in molten steel for the iron fist in a velvet glove.